Teaching letters by Mhaádeii AmaMia

Over the years on her path Mahaádeii AmaMia has written teaching letters
for her students. A part of which was published in 2010 in her book "School of
Life - ­ do you understand yourself".
She will now make these letters from the book available for everyone on this
The next letter will be published on: 20.02.19

Dear companion on the journey of life,

I meet you today with great providence. I would like to tell you something about the impact of your perspective on your wellbeing. You perceive in the same way, as you look at the outside, your self, your life, your living conditions, other people, your future and naturally also your past. With every change in perspective, you change your self, your living conditions, other people, your future and your past. That’s interesting, how can I change my perspective I hear you think. Now, to start with you have to identify your current perspective in order to have a basis from which you can begin a change. How do you see your reality? What perspective do you see yourself from? Have you even taken responsibility for yourself? To do this first answer the following questions:

Are you of the opinion that you can care for yourself?

Yes O        No O                  Sometimes O


Do you expectantly look to your partner, your family, your superior or government institutions that they should provide for you by giving you what you desire?

Yes O        No O                  Sometimes O

If you were honest with yourself you would have answered both questions with “sometimes”. I hope you were honest, because that is the healthy basis for the change of your perspective of a self-determined happy life. Can you even discern what is honest and dishonest? Do you consider your perception of you and your world to be objective and universal? That depends on your perspective! When you accept your creative force with responsibility then you are also in the truth of your world. It is off course objective and universal. If you want to know whether you have accepted your responsibility completely then look at your world and see it is perfect, everything is as it is right for you. Every disturbance and every challenge is greeted without judgment, regarded as a learning step and not as a foreign body or a nuisance. From this acceptance of your world providence develops, which sees beyond the moment into the veracity of infinite creation and full of love directly into the heart of hearts.

In order to change your perspective, you require awareness about your current limited perspective. Observe yourself as often as possible how you react to challenges and disturbances and in every situation that incurs displeasure thank the opportunity to see this! You will notice with astonishment how your view of the truth expands and your heart becomes lighter once again.